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Making It! Radio


Going on the air soon!

Making It! Radio is inspired by the Emmy award winning small business TV show of the same name. It is an entertaining one-hour, weekend afternoon show hosted by small business expert Nelson Davis plus guest hosts. The program focuses on the world of small business owners, as well as being of interest to a broad group of listeners. The interactive show is fast moving, featuring listener call in, expert and sponsor interviews, along with extensive business owner interviews.

Making It is an interactive, online companion to the broadcast radio program. It offers another way to receive feedback from the audience and features a combination of marketing messages and resources for visitors.

on air

While our core topics and features are based on starting and building a business, stories from the day's news become the springboard for dialog, as well. They are always explored through the prism of the "MAKING IT!" world of small business point of view. This is a show that can reach beyond a pure "business" audience because the subject is framed in informative and entertaining ways all people can relate to.

Some Sample Topics:

  • Why are many Americans suspicious of business people?
  • What are the true Secrets of Success?
  • Do you have what it takes to succeed?
  • What should our children really learn to have successful lives?
  • Can we afford the American way of life?
  • Are inner cities America's strongest emerging markets?

Making It! Helping you succeed in business and in life