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     Nelson Davis

Kimberly Holmes-Lamar
Producer, MAKING IT!

Kimberly Holmes-Lamar is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego and currently resides in the Los Angeles area.  After receiving her BA degree in Communications, she has been employed in the film and television industry.  Her experience varies from working for small production companies, to cable stations as large as Black Entertainment Television, to a TV station in the 2nd largest market in the country. Hard work and dedication has paid off. In January 2000, she was promoted to Producer of the Emmy Award winning show MAKING IT! Minority Success Stories, produced in association with KTLA, Channel 5, The CW.

As producer, Kimberly is in charge of overseeing all production aspects of the weekly TV show, including story development, pre-production, field direction and post-production. She works closely with Phaylen Abdullah (Segment Producer) in all areas of production, and with Nelson Davis (Executive Producer) on sponsor relations and to ensure that the mission of the show is accomplished every season. 

Kimberly's mission is to promote positive images of people of color, and she accomplishes this through event planning, exploring new avenues in business and networking with key people in the industry who can make a difference.

Kimberly has one article published in Squealer Magazine and has had the opportunity to share her experiences and expertise as a guest speaker for schools and organizations.