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  About Nelson Davis Productions  

Nelson Davis Productions (NDP) is in the business of producing electronic media focused on connecting advertisers and marketers with the small and mid sized business marketplace. This includes broadcast television programs, non-broadcast corporate video and a planned new weekly radio program in 2012. The company began in 1988 based on the following dream: "We want to be a leader in using electronic media to inspire, educate and support the entrepreneurial dreams of people of diverse communities. We have a special passion for small business owners and their spirit which is the cornerstone of the American dream."

One example of the above is the multiple awards winning weekly series "MAKING IT!" which has received four Emmy awards for best "Informational/Public Affairs Series" in addition to twenty six other awards and citations. With its total focus on small business owners, the program has aired for over two decades. The show has proven to be inspiring for people seeking hope and guidance in the small business arena.

“Making It! TV Presents” was created in the belief that in today’s world, every company must see itself as a media company using online video to communicate with customers, prospects and the community. Streaming video created with Hollywood level production values can give you a competitive advantage.

As with Making It! we work closely with corporate marketing, communications and vendor diversity departments to create programs and videos that target a specific audience. We have worked with dynamic corporations including AT&T, ARCO, Bank of America, Blue Cross, Boeing, The California Lottery, The Gas Company, Hilton Hotels, Honda, Pacific Bell, Sempra Energy, Southern California Edison, Toyota Motor Sales USA, and the Walt Disney Company. Nelson Davis Productions works to the high standards of the best advertisers.

Another TV program that reflects Nelson Davis' passion for education is "Campus All-Star Challenge," a quiz series fashioned after the legendary "College Bowl", and sponsored by Honda. The program has contributed more than $5,000,000 in grants to various schools. We feel very strongly that intellectual excellence deserves attention equal to that given athletic accomplishments.

NDP has also produced family specials based on the great traditions of oral storytelling. One of these programs, "A Storyteller's Holiday", with Ned Beatty, received an Emmy nomination in 1991.

In the area of non broadcast video, Nelson Davis Productions has created special videos for Cisco Systems, Sempra Energy, Hyundai Motor and the Walt Disney Company. Streaming Video has become a very important communications tool in the digital era. With video being seen everywhere from your computer screen to the checkout aisle of your supermarket, nothing else compares when it comes to telling your story. Our newest video product is "Making It! TV Presents" which offers you a full length TV program designed to stream online!

If you are considering TV programming or have special video needs, small business expert and TV producer Nelson Davis is happy to share knowledge and advice with you: 323-460-5253


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