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“In this digital era, every company needs to see itself as a media company and my business is to help you make video one of your most effective communication tools”

Making It! TV Presents American Honda

The Business of Selling Cars


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Diamond Bar Honda

Dreams Do Come true


Matt Tachjian shaped his business philosophy by working long hours in his father's junkyard for most of his childhood.  Matt was semi retired when he received an unexpected telephone call about a dealership opportunity with American Honda. Matt and his wife had to borrow over $700,000 to take advantage of this life changing opportunity.



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Hamilton Honda

Preparation Meeting Opportunity


Jessie Armstead knew that an NFL career would be relatively brief. As a player, he had his eye on becoming a business owner once his football playing career was over but he didn't know which business. Jessie partnered with his long time mentor Matt Saporita to create their joint Honda dealership.


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Part 3 of 3                                                                                                                                                                       Bookmark and Share

What It Takes

Experience. Capital. Perserverance.


Many people dream of becoming a successful automobile dealer. See what it takes: time, money, and knowledge.