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Entrepreneur Confessions

Lachy Groom: A Serial Entrepreneurial at 15


Lachy Groom is not your typical teenager. Yes, he goes to school, play sports and do normal teenager stuff. But unlike other teens, this 15-year-old native of Perth, Australia already has several businesses under his belt — all of which are doing quite well.

His entrepreneurial streak started before he was 11. His grandfather taught him HTML, and he was hooked. He taught himself Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) programming, and soon this programming whiz was converting Photoshop documents (PSD) to HTML websites. Many web designers design aesthetically pleasing websites in Photoshop, but need help in converting their vision into a workable website and programming all the elements they’ve envisioned. He soon started taking paid client work, and launched his HTML/CSS service PSDtoWP.com http://psdtowp.com/ converting PSD to WordPress-supported websites.

His biggest success thus far is CardNap www.cardnap.com , which Groom co-founded with Josh Davies. CardNap is a secondary market for gift cards where people can buy and sell unused gift cards. Helping customers save money, customers can turn their cards into cash or buy store credit at a price less than it’s face value. Cardnap offers customers discounts of up to 30% and will buy unwanted gift cards for as much as 90% of the face value.

While the site is initially focused on the Australian market, Groom’s CardNap is now gearing for the international markets. He is expecting CardNap to open in United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Hongkong and South Korea. CardNap, gift card exchange marketplace co-founded by Lachy Groom

His newest project is iPadCaseFinder http://ipadcasefinder.com/, which he started when a friend broke his iPad screen. He set up the site in a few hours, aggregating various iPad cases offered by different merchants from Amazon.com to Marware.com. Because his site offers an important accessory to the hottest product today, Groom’s site has attracted 400,000 visits in just a month of its launching.


Groom is one young entrepreneur to watch out for.



Source: www.powerhomebiz.com


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