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Entrepreneur Success Videos From The "Making It! TV" Show

Carmen Murray - From Poor to Making $5 Million

Carmen Murray (800-533-3292) was one of ten children raised by a single mother in a very poor area of Mexico. When she was nine, her newly married parents moved her entire family to the City of Commerce in California. She is still living there, and her business Rodeo Carpet Mills is also located there. Despite cultural differences, and a language barrier, Carmen was able to learn English quickly and graduated from high school. Carmen first became acquainted with Rodeo Carpet Mills when owner Lou Sugarman hired her as a part-time receptionist. Due to her exceptional ability, Carmen was then promoted to a buyer and then a general manager of the entire company. She was then given stock options, and when Lou retired, she was given full run of the company and was later able to purchase it for her very own in 1995. Rodeo Carpet Mills designs and manufactures high-end rugs and carpets. Most of the fabric comes form New Zealand and is very costly. All of the rugs and carpets are custom made in her facility in Commerce. Carmen's company is now very busy with orders, but this wasn't always the case due to the economic downturn a few years ago. She currently employs thirty-five employees and expects to make around $5 million in revenue this year.

Crossover Appeal with Algazi & Goldberg

Michel Algazi and Roni Goldberg were successful businessmen, working for Fortune 500 companies. They decided to leave their corporate jobs and use their marketing and business experience to create PALAPA AZUL, a unique line of ice cream and frozen fruit bars. They invested $400,000 to start the company, working without pay for the first two years. They started by experimenting with 30-40 flavors and eventually debuted their product with eight different flavors. Their authentically Mexican desserts, with flavors such as sweet corn, hibiscus, and mango chile, can be found in specialty stores. The product can be found in more than twenty states, mostly in the western and southwestern United States. Michele and Roni are working to cross over their product into the mainstream market.

Tracy Stanhoff : Working with The Big Players

Tracy Stanhoff's company Ad Pro (714-898-6364) has tripled its profits since Making It! last profiled her in December of 2000. Ad Pro specializes in main areas, including advertising, public relations, graphic design, printing, and web design. Tracy has now been working with Southern California Edison for eight years. Tracy states that they have been instrumental in helping mentor members of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce by sponsoring events, retreats, and seminars that serve to educate vendors about Edison. Ad Pro is diligently working to help its clients which include Sempra and Southern California Edison move into the untapped market of American Indian reservations. As the gaming community continues to grow and thrive, the need for infrastructure arises and Tracy feels that she can service the demand with Ad Pro. Ad Pro's client base has increased all over the country, and conducts much of its business electronically -- saving both money and time.

By Women, For Women - Wendi Williams-Stern

Wendi Williams-Stern ( was an R&B singer in the 1990s. When her entertainment career slowed down, she redirected her energy to starting a business. She created BAT(H)QOL, which means "heavenly voice," and began designing handbags. After enjoying a great deal of success, she diversified her product line to include T-shirts. Wendi's business became profitable due to her celebrity connection, which enabled her to sell her products to the Hollywood circle. As a result, Bat(h)qol products are often publicized in major fashion magazines. Wendi also receives support from her husband, who is in charge of marketing for Bat(h)qol. The couple is currently working together to create entirely new T-shirt and handbag lines for the upcoming season.

Wide, Wide World of Business - Peggy Shreve

In 1973, Peggy Shreve began FRONTIER ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS in Stillwater, Oklahoma. With a background in accounting and her husband's background in engineering, she started manufacturing electronic equipment in her kitchen. Frontier's reputation grew, and in 1982, they won a multi-million dollar contract with the United States Navy in California. The company supplies electronic equipment and technical services and counts the United States government as one of its clients. Their design, development, and manufacturing support many high technology programs for NASA, the U.S. Navy and Air Force, and the Boeing Company. In 2005, Frontier Electronic Systems was named Boeing Supplier of the Year n the small business category. Peggy believes that her association with the Boeing Company is an excellent partnership that allows Frontier to grow in the right direction.

Cynthia Tucker: Failure Is Not An Option

Cynthia Tuckers passion for owning a business comes from a long line of family entrepreneurs. With all of this influence and experience among entrepreneurs in her family, it was only fitting she follow in her familys footsteps. Ladybug Productions ( is a company that specializes in the planning and coordination of social events. The company has a list of vendors it works with to help coordinate the functions. The name ladybug has special meaning to Cynthia because it was her nickname as a child. The idea to start a company that focuses on event coordinating came from her years at Walt Disney. Since then, her idea has blossomed into a well-established company that is known for its credibility among the entertainment industry as well as the private sector. Today the business is moving along the path Cynthia envisioned for it. With last years profits exceeding $50,000 she hopes to take the company along a five-year stretch that will guide it into an office space as well as a full-time assistant working alongside her.

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