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“We can create long-form videos...that's like having
your own television program!”
~ Nelson Davis ~

Nelson Davis Productions delivers streaming video and broadcast TV projects with Hollywood production values from an Emmy Award winning team. We help you build long term video assets supporting your effective digital communication strategy to reach customers, prospects and all stakeholders 24/7 worldwide. If they can't see you, how can they know you? Video adds authenticity and power to your Social Media strategies as well.

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Sample Work

By Nelson Davis | Executive Producer of “Making It! TV”

Disney Supplier Diversity and Sustainability

Disney Supplier Diversity and Sustainability (Nelson Davis Productions)


Making It! TV Presents
Making It! TV Presents

Making It! TV Presents (Nelson Davis Productions)


Port of Long Beach

Port of Long Beach (Nelson Davis Productions)

"Leading a Renaissance of Entrepreneurial Thought"

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